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  • Immigration Law

    Many people throughout the world come to the United States to benefit from the countless opportunities available to businesses and families. The immigration system in the United States is a complex one, and depending on an individual’s needs and goals, the process of becoming a citizen or permanent resident can be very difficult.

    In Virginia, our immigration lawyers can help clients secure business-based immigration status, help an immigrant’s family members with their travel and residency concerns, and help immigrants facing legal action, including deportation. If you or a family member is having difficulty with any aspect of the immigration system in VA, we encourage you to give us a call at Williams Stone Carpenter Buczek, PC today.

    Business-Based Immigration

    Modern communications and technology allow companies to connect with the greatest minds all over the world. Many American companies pull top talent from every country to drive their businesses, but immigration laws sometimes become roadblocks to a business’s success. Our business-based immigration services focus on helping international employees and professionals with processing delays, green card processing, and customized legal strategies for individuals who need to change their immigration status.

    Our attorneys understand the many specialized processes for immigrants from different parts of the world. For example, an immigrant from Canada may have a very different experience with the U.S. immigration system than an immigrant from Japan. American businesses benefit greatly when they work with experienced immigration attorneys to retain the best talent from all over the world.

    Family-Based Immigration

    Many families throughout the world want to come to America. Some simply want to explore the wealth of opportunities available here, while others seek asylum from war-torn and impoverished countries. However, it’s common for only one or two members of a family to successfully reach the U.S. and start the immigration process. They may have family waiting in their home countries and need help getting them here legally.

    Our immigration attorneys can help with procedural issues for immigrants already in the country, filing for family members still outside the United States, and consular processing to help speed up the process.

    We can also help your fiancé or spouse from another country with his or her immigration status and required clearances. Many immigrant families require specialized services for their educational, medical, and employment-related needs, and our lawyers have the experience to handle the most complex immigration cases.

    Researchers & Professors

    American businesses and universities know the value of international professors, researchers, and scientists. Our attorneys help these individuals secure immigration status, and help American entities secure and retain the best talent from around the world. Some immigrants with expertise in specialized fields will qualify for expedited residency and naturalization, and we can help with these issues as well.

    Some researchers and professors who come to America may require special labor certifications to teach or practice their trades in the U.S., and our attorneys can help with EB-1 applications and Special Interest Waivers for those who qualify.

    Permanent Residency

    Many immigrants come to America and secure temporary residency with the hope of eventually becoming a citizen. The requirements for permanent residency and naturalization are extensive, and an experienced immigration attorney can help make sense of this complex process. We can help streamline green card processing for businesses that want to retain the best employees from all over the world, entrepreneurs, foreign investors, and religious workers.

    For immigrants with family still living outside the United States, our attorneys can help them with their family members’ processing issues, help a fiancé move to the country with a K-1 visa, and handle the I-130 petition process for spouses and family members of U.S. citizens living abroad.

    We Provide Assistance With the Following:

    • Green Cards Through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen
    • N-400 Applications for Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship)
    • PERM Applications & Permanent Residency
    • Permanent Residency for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
    • Permanent Residency For Outstanding Professors/Researchers
    • K-1 Fiancée Visas
    • Non-Immigrant Visas
    • E-1 Visas for Treaty Traders
    • E-2 Visas for Treaty Investors
    • EB-5 Visas – U.S. Immigrant Visas/Permanent Residency/Green Cards
    • H-1B Visas for Professionals
    • L-1A Visas for Multinational Transfer Executives & Managers
    • L-1B Visas for Specialized Knowledge Multinational Transfer Workers
    • O-1 Visas for Scientists and Other Professionals
    • I-90 Applications to Renew/Replace Permanent Resident Cards
    • I-131 Applications for Re-Entry Permits
    • I-539 Applications to Extend/Change Non-Immigrant Status
    • I-751 Petitions to Remove Conditions on Residence
    • I-765 Applications for Employment Authorization

    Immigration law is extraordinarily complicated, and many immigrants may struggle with language barriers, citizenship tests, and other obstacles on their path to residency or citizenship in the U.S. Our attorneys understand these issues and have extensive experience handling the most complex immigration cases.

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    If you or a loved one has issues with your immigration status, needs an expedited application process for a family member in need outside the U.S., or wants to explore options for permanent residency or citizenship, our law firm can help. We have office locations in Stafford, Fredericksburg & Manassas, Virginia. Give us a call today at 540-657-0111.