• Federal Litigation

    State and federal courts have different procedural rules and handle different types of cases. When you are entering federal court, it is important to know your rights and to work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the processes and procedures of Federal Court. At Williams Stone Carpenter Buczek, PC, we have over 20 years of experience handling civil and criminal proceedings in federal courts in Virginia. Our federal court experience includes the following:

    Military Personnel Issues

    • Military law cases and member disputes with the government
    • Pay problems, rank disputes and failure to promote
    • Habeas corpus
    • Traffic violations or crimes committed on the base 

    Civil Litigation in Federal Court

    • Claims of $75,000 or more have the option of federal court
    • Diversity of citizenship (other parties/corporation in another state)
    • Suing under federal law
    • Seeking government mandamus or injunction
    • Fraud and contract disputes
    • Personal injury claims 

    Federal Criminal Defense

    • Drug Crimes
    • Conspiracy
    • White Collar Crimes
    • Firearm Offenses
    • Violent Crimes

    Tort Claims Against the Federal Government

    • Government employee caused personal injury
    • Stray military artillery rounds causing property damage
    • Toxic water in your water supply

    Protecting Your Rights in Complex Litigation

    Our law firm has the skill and experience necessary to successfully pursue your case in federal, state and military courts. We take an informed and strategic approach to your case to collect all necessary documentation, consult with witnesses, perform discovery and litigate aggressively. Where necessary we hire experts including accident reconstructionists, financial experts, life planners, environmentalists, and medical professionals.

    Military Law and Federal Court Experience

    Military cases are often federal matters. Our firm has handled extensive litigation on behalf of military members and their families in cases involving personal injury, criminal allegations, and family disputes. We also represent military members when they are involved in a dispute with the government. You can trust that we have the experience, skill, and strategy to effectively handle your case and protect your rights in federal court. At Williams Stone Carpenter Buczek, PC, we have offices in Stafford, Fredericksburg & Manassas. Call 540-657-0111 to discuss these services with our experienced team of lawyers.