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  • Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession in Virginia?

  • A Marijuana Possession Charge Can Hurt Your Future

    Virginia's laws regarding marijuana possession are somewhat vague until you're caught with weed in your possession. While many see marijuana possession as a minor offense, it places them firmly in the criminal justice system. Ultimately, it can hurt your educational, career and housing opportunities.

    We work with adults and minors, college students and members of the military who have been accused of possessing marijuana.

    Virginia Laws Have Latitude 

    "Possession is nine-tenths of the law" is an old idiom that means if something's in your possession, you could be considered its rightful owner. Under Virginia's Drug Control Act, you must "knowingly or intentionally" possess marijuana. Just because marijuana was found in your car's glove compartment or in your home doesn't necessarily make it yours, and an arresting officer cannot "presume" that you owned it.

    At Williams Stone Carpenter Buczek, PC, we defend people who are brought to court for the first time on marijuana possession as well as people who have faced this charge more than once. If you have questions regarding marijuana possession, give us a call.

    Possession with an Intent to Distribute

    Marijuana possession under Virginia law is a misdemeanor. The penalties kick in when you decide to sell it or give it away. Selling a half-ounce or less is a Class 1 misdemeanor. A half-ounce to 5 pounds is a Class 5 felony. More than 5 pounds lands you in jail for five to 30 years.

    If you've been accused of intending to distribute marijuana by sale or gift, you need an attorney who's well-versed in criminal defense. We have the courtroom experience you need. A former judge advocate general in the U.S. Marine Corps, he's been on both sides of the judicial bench. He can anticipate the prosecutor's arguments. He will defend you to the utmost.

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    When you contact us for legal defense, you won't be passed from hand to hand the way you would in a larger law firm. You get the personal attention of our lawyers from the outset of your case to its conclusion.